Man surprises wife with luxury car on birthday, later finds it was stolen

Viral: A US man gifted a second-hand 2021 Maserati SUV to his wife as a birthday present but later he come to know that it was a stolen car. The car was worth Rs 55 Lakh. After knowing about the car police seized and impounded the vehicle.

Jason Scott, an Army veteran, bought a used 2021 Maserati SUV to surprise his wife. However, he soon discovered that the vehicle had been falsely advertised on a used car website in November. He acquired the car from a company in North Carolina called Caravan. “It was exciting for it to be coming down the hill, waiting for it outside, everything was fine,” he said.

When he took the vehicle in for a routine service at a local Maserati dealership in February, reality hit him like a brick on the head. The workers at the service informed him and his wife that their car had been stolen.

When they checked the identification number of the car, they found that it was a 2017 Maserati, not from 2021. The issue was noticeable after the workers identified that some of the parts didn’t add up to where the car was supposed to be from.

Jason said, “When they check the VIN number on the chassis, that’s when they saw that it was a stolen vehicle. VIN on the car on the window and the car door was different.”

He now demanding $1 million as compensation from the website for his financial and reputational losses. However, the company has denied on the vehicle was stolen.

According to the reports, a letter has been sent to Jonso by Carvana and stated that the car was not stolen and they are working to refund the money he has spent on the car.

The company is being investigated by the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office over 130 complaints.

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