Man kills wife for not keeping food ready when he returned from work

New Delhi: A man from Delhi’s Bhalswa Dairy killed his 22-year-old wife for not cooking food for him after he returned from office. Police reported that a woman had given birth six months before, and because of that, she was not keeping well and was only 40–45 kilos.

As per media reports, she was not physically fit, needed proper rest and couldn’t do house old work. According to police, the incident occurred on Sunday night, when Bajrangi Gupta, who owned a tea shop in Azadpur Mandi, returned to his home in Bhalswa Dairy’s Mukandpur neighbourhood. When he discovered that his wife Preeti had not prepared food for him, he flew into a rage and began assaulting her with a wooden stick. She was not able to defend herself as her six-month-old daughter was in her lap during the incident.

Deputy commissioner, Ravi Kumar Singh said, “The woman was anaemic and weighed just 40-45 kilos. She was physically weak, needed regular rest and couldn’t cook frequently… The absence of food in the house angered Gupta and he began beating his wife with a stick… She suffered internal injuries. The anaemic woman bled internally and her body went into shock.”

Preeti’s mother told police that her husband would frequently beat her for not cooking at home.

After arresting Gupta Singh said, “We have arrested Gupta and have recovered the wooden stick he used in the murder. He has been booked for murder.”

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