Man finds out wife’s affair with help of car GPS tracker; details here

Bengaluru: A man from Bengaluru found out that his wife was cheating on him through GPS data, as the tracker connected to his smartphone helped him realise that his wife has a secret affair. A notice has been issued against his wife.

While speaking to the media, he said that he worked a night shift and did not have a clue about the affair until he noticed the GPS data in the car. His wife was unaware of the GPS tracker.

He explained the incident, how and what exactly happened, he stated, “One-day last year, I discovered my car was taken out by someone while I was working the night shift in the office. A detailed study of the GPS showed the car had moved in the KIA direction by midnight and stopped outside a hotel. It was driven back home a little after 5 am. I visited the hotel and found that my wife and her boyfriend had booked a room using their voter ID.”

As a result, the man claimed that he confronted his wife and her lover. However, the pair threatened him.

With no other options, the man approached a local court, requesting that the Mahalakshmipuram police station file a complaint against his wife.

His wife is currently residing in a remote area of the state. Meanwhile, the cops issued her a summons.

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