Mahabage post office robbed of Rs. 70,000 after piercing wall

Police have launched an investigation regarding the theft of Rs.70,000 from the safe of the Mahabage Post Office by making a hole

in the wall of the post office building in Mahabage.

Police said that this theft took place on March 4 between 4 pm and 8 am day on Tuesday (7).

The post office had been closed during this time. Police also said that the theft had been carried out by a group that was well aware of this fact.

Police said the brick wall at the back of the post office building had been pierced. Fingerprint bureau officers have also found some suspicious fingerprints in the safe.

Police said that they are currently checking the security camera footage of surrounding buildings. Mahabage Postmaster J. Chandrasiri had complained to the police about this theft.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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