Lil Nas X Reveals He's Dated Famous Men from Raya During Carpool Karaoke

With just a month left on the air, “The Late Late Show with James Corden” welcomed one of its final guests for the show’s always-viral Carpool Karaoke.

Lil Nas X was the latest to appear on the segment, showing up for the taping in a blue shirt with an embellished cross on the front. “I’m having my woman of God moment, Christian era,” he quipped of his outfit, before the two broke into a rendition of “Old Town Road.”

After Lil Nas X said that his love of music stemmed from playing the trumpet back in the day, Corden whipped two brass instruments out of the back seat. As James pulled over to the side of the road, the two then started to play … with the rapper dryly saying, “This sounds incredible.”

“When I came up with this I thought, ‘Oh, this will be hilarious because we’ll be so bad,'” added Corden. “But now I’m here and it’s just two women of God playing the trumpet.”

As they kept driving, the “Industry Baby” singer got whiplash checking out a hot man on the street. After pointing the guy out, Corden wondered how Lil Nas X meets men — as the rapper said he’s met people on Raya in the past.

“I’ve met quite a few famous guys. I think I’ve come to know I don’t like dating famous people,” he said, as Corden asked whether any of the guys have appeared on Carpool Karaoke before. “For sure,” his guest responded — prompting James to exclaim, “Is it Michael Bublé Have you been f—ing Michael Bublé?”

As the two broke into laughter, Lil Nas X sarcastically responded, “You caught me,” before adding, “Could you imagine?!”

The segment ended with the pair stopping by the set of “The Bold and The Beautiful,” so the rapper could put his acting ambitions to the test by filming a scene for the soap opera. The two were cast as a waiter and busboy, with Lil Nas X really struggling not to break character in front of stars Sean Kanan and Annika Noelle.

Their cameos will reportedly appear on the April 19 episode of the show.

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