LG polls to be held on 25 April

By Priyan De Silva

The Election Commission (EC) yesterday decided that April 25 was the most suitable date for the local government elections, originally scheduled for 09 March

The EC said in a statement that District Secretaries, who serve as returning officers, had been instructed to announce 25 April as the new date of the LG polls.

The statement attributed the delay in the local government polls to “unexpected and unavoidable circumstances, relating to the printing of ballot papers and other facilities, pertaining to the election”

The EC said in a previous announcement that it could not hold the local government polls on March 09 as funds had not been provided.

According to the Sub-section 38(1)(c) of the Local Authorities Elections Ordinance, regional election officials publish separate gazettes announcing the election, after the Elections Commission sets the date of the election.

On January 30, regional election officials published separate gazettes, announcing that local government elections would be held on 09 March. However, the elections could not be held, as scheduled, after the government said there were inadequate funds.


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