Learning law to be added to the O/L curriculum

Minister of Justice Dr.WijayadasaRajapaksasaid that steps are being taken this year to include law to the curriculum of Ordinary Level (O/L) syllabus to provide knowledge about the fundamental laws of the country to school children.

The minister also said that due to the general public’s lack of knowledge about the general law, some government officials and politicians are taking undue advantage.

Minister WijayadasaRajapaksa made these comments while addressing an event organized at VidyawardenaMahaVidyalaya, Battaramulla today (07 March) in celebration of the day to support and protect the victims and witnesses of a crime.

It should also be noted that 07 March wasdeclared as the day to support and protect victims and witnesses of crime by a proposal made by Minister Dr. WijeyadasaRajapakshe.



by Daily News Sri Lanka

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