Lala Kent & Brock Davies Have Emotional Breakthrough After Vanderpump Rules 'Rough' Patch

Lala Kent, Scheana Shay and Brock Davies have officially buried the hatchet.

On Wednesday’s new hour of “Vanderpump Rules,” the trio sat down together for an emotional conversation in which they reflected on their tense history together and expressed regret for how everything went down between them last season.

In case you missed it, Kent called out Davies for his lack of communication with his two children from his previous relationship. He admitted he hadn’t seen them in four years, before later confessing he once “slapped” his ex-wife and was behind in child support payments, as Kent continued to raise questions about his past. For a full breakdown of the situation, check out what he and Scheana revealed during the Season 9 reunion here.

While the whole mess led to a bit of a fallout between the trio, they returned to the show on Season 10 back on track. In fact, Brock said he’s actually been in contact with his ex — and thanked Lala for her role in that happening.

“I got a message yesterday from my kid’s mum back in Australia. Because of the pressure I got from you on that, it really changed everything,” he said to Kent, who responded by telling Davies, “it was never my place to do any of that.” He added, “I wish I could say I agree, but to be honest, that’s what good friends do.”

“Brock and I had a very rough start,” she added in a confessional, before saying her situation with Randall Emmett made her realize that “situations are not black and white.”

She further explained that the three started hanging out more during hangouts with their children. “Brock is an incredible husband to Scheana, he’s an amazing dad. And the way that he treats my baby, I really love that dude, a lot,” she added, getting choked up as she talked about Davies’ relationship with her own daughter.

“I do have a past and I’m not proud of that but I know for a fact I’m not going to make those mistakes moving forward,” Brock then told both women. “I promise you I learned from it. I don’t mind being held to a standard, because I want to be that standard for everyone around me.”

Telling him she was “thrilled” for the progress he’s made, she reiterated how sorry she was, before once again getting choked up. Brock also started crying as he told both Scheana and Lala that they’re “good mums.”

New episodes of “Vanderpump Rules” air Wednesdays on Bravo.

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