Laccha Paratha: Prepare this at home for wholesome Holi lunch

Laccha Paratha: Parathas are one of India’s most popular flatbreads. Because India is rich in gastronomic diversity, one may readily discover many types of parathas in different parts of the nation. Laccha paratha is a one-of-a-kind flatbread that can be made with wheat flour or all-purpose flour.

It is traditionally fried in ghee until crispy and flaky, and the layers can be seen from the exterior. It goes well with your favourite curries. Laccha paratha is a traditional Indian dish. But do you know how laccha paratha came to be?

Laccha Paratha: Ingredients

All-purpose floor – 2 cups
Water – 1 cup
Ghee – 1/2cup
Dry flour – 1/2cup (for dusting)
Salt – 1 tsp


To create Laccha paratha, you must first prepare the dough. In a mixing dish, combine the flour, salt, and ghee. Knead the flour until smooth. The dough should then be covered with a clean cloth and let aside for 30 minutes.

Then roll it into eight balls. Roll it into a round and brush it with ghee. Then roll it into another round and begin making the laccha paratha. Make a flat paratha with a rolling pin.

Begin by making pleats like a saree from one end to the other. Form these into balls again and roll into a paratha with a rolling pin.

Take a tawa and heat it over medium heat. Place one paratha on the tawa with a little ghee. Cook it on both sides until golden brown and crispy. Serve immediately with your favourite curries.

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