Kristin Cavallari Knows It's 'Horrible' to Dump Via Text, But Still Does It: 'I'm F------ Heartless'

To anyone who might suddenly find themselves dating Kristin Cavallari, be prepared as the reality star admits she’s “f—— heartless” and will dump via text.

The reality star broke down when she chooses to go this “f—– up” route, as well as her absolute commitment to it, despite knowing that “it’s horrible.”

The way she broke it down on the latest “Back to the Beach” podcast with co-host (and ex) Stephen Colletti, it’s not always her go-to approach. But, she’s not shy about doing it early in a relationship. “If I’ve only hung out with you a couple times and I’m like, ‘This is going nowhere,'” she said.

That must be what just happened, because Cavallari went on to admit she was in the middle of a text breakup situation right now, though it wasn’t going particularly great. Apparently, he didn’t take her dismissal well.

“I got multiple voice notes back,” Cavallari said of this latest unnamed suitor. “I was like, ‘S–t. I should probably send you a voice note, but I don’t even want to.'” Instead, she admitted to the “cop-out” move of texting back.

“I’m still f—– heartless, I guess,” she said. “But no, it was nothing serious so I was just like… it is what it is.”

According to “The Hills” alum, she tried to dump him the night before recording this podcast, but he just wouldn’t let go. He “kept fighting it, kept going and kept going,” she said.

The morning of the podcast, she said she sent him a text telling him, “Just let me know when things settle down for you. We can pick this back up later,” but he didn’t respond.

“So that’s not a good sign,” she laughed. “He might not be too happy with me, but here we are.”

If he thought the relationship worth fighting for before she recorded the podcast, he should be pretty clear how committed she is to being done with it now that the podcast is out — and maybe happy she didn’t drop his name.

This isn’t the first time the 36 year old has talked about her struggles out in the dating world since her 2020 divorce from Jay Cutler. In a recent chat with Rachel Bilson on her “Broad Ideas” podcast, Cavallari said she’s been attracting married men and “a lot of kids in their 20s.”

She was also pretty clear that due to her busy schedule, she’s not looking for anything serious right now. “I want to just be mom and then work-wise my schedule is pretty busy until May, and then I’ll have a bit more free time, but I just need to hunker down right now and focus on me.”

Cavallari has three children she shares with Cutler: Camden, 10, Jaxon, 8, and Saylor, 7.

She hasn’t given up on dating casually, she noted, just that she doesn’t have the capacity for “anything serious” quite yet. “I’m just not in a place for it right now,” she said. “Which is fine.”

Back in August, Cavallari opened up about the qualities she was looking for in a man: “Someone who is sooo comfortable in their own skin, looking to continuously grow, someone who isn’t afraid to build me up and let me be me, emotionally mature who isn’t afraid to express their feelings and needs (which goes with being comfortable in their skin), someone who can make me laugh, laid-back, healthy lifestyle.”

She also pointed out she’s looking for “someone really confident (NOT COCKY) who isn’t threatened by everything else in my life. That’s been a struggle for me.”

On top of all that, “Hot doesn’t hurt either.”

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