Kourtney Kardashian Hilariously Reacts to Mean TikTok Comments About Herself

Kourtney Kardashian isn’t letting online haters get to her — in fact, she’s having the last laugh.

In a video shared on her Lemme brand’s TikTok profile earlier this week, the reality star reacted to a handful of negative comments from TikTok users, responding to a variety of questions regarding her family, her vitamin brand, her clothing choices and more.

And in typical Kourtney fashion, she replied to the users using her iconic sarcasm and dry sense of humor.

“Can the Kardashians just retire,” the Poosh founder said, reading the first question. Kourtney, 43, paused before hilariously replying calmly, “That would be nice.”

She went on to react to questions from people who apparently had a problem with Kourtney wearing an Agnostic Front t-shirt.

“An Agnostic Front shirt. Really? Does she even know who they are?” a comment read, to which Kourtney smiled and said, “Absolutely not. We’re not playing that game today.”

In the following question Kourtney read aloud, a user asked the mom of four to “name 3 Agnostic Front songs lol.”

“It is a shirt from my husband’s closet,” replied Kourtney, who is married to Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, “and I will wear his shirts for life.”

Elsewhere in the video, the Lemme founder reacted to a commenter who claimed she “never eats” the vitamin brand’s gummies “on camera.” Kourtney poked fun at the remark by chewing a Lemme energy gummy which contains matcha, before then spitting it out in a glass.

“I’ve had enough matcha for the day,” she quipped.

She then read a comment from a person who appeared to reference a remark Kourtney made many years ago, in which she said her “hidden talent” was sewing.

“Sewing is not a talent it’s a skill,” a user wrote, to which Kourtney hilariously replied, “Your sewing is a skill, but maybe mine is a talent.”

Meanwhile, another question came from a fan who asked, “Why she speaks in slow motion?” Kourtney couldn’t help but laugh as she read the comment aloud, before offering an witty response. “Because it’s a vibe,” she said.

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