Kitchen Tips: Want to increase sweetness in sour veggies? Try this hack

Kitchen Tips: Tomatoes do the job of enhancing the test of the vegetable very well. Be it vegetables or pulses, their taste remains dull without them. Not only does the test improve, but the color also comes out very well. But sometimes due to excess of tomatoes, the sourness in the vegetable increases a lot, which spoils the test. In such a situation, the mood of both the cook and the eater gets spoiled.

In today’s article, we are bringing some special tips to reduce the taste of tomatoes grown in vegetables. Which are going to be very useful for every housewife. Let us know about those tips which can solve your problem while keeping the test intact.

Use sugar

If the sourness of tomatoes has increased in the vegetable, then you can reduce it in a very easy way. For this, when you are cooking gravy, add 1/4 teaspoon sugar along with salt at that time and mix it well and cook the vegetable till it comes to a boil. Due to this, the increased sourness in the vegetable is balanced and the test also becomes fun.

Use potatoes

If the sourness of tomato has increased in your favorite vegetable, then you can reduce it. For this, you can put potatoes in vegetable gravy. First of all, wash the potatoes thoroughly and then cut them into four pieces. Now mix them in the vegetable gravy. Potato is not only useful for making vegetables, but it also reduces the increased salt and sourness in your vegetable.

Cook vegetables at low flame

If you think that the tomatoes that you have put in the vegetable can be more sour, then you should cook that vegetable at low flame. Due to this, sourness remains in the vegetable. Because the more the vegetable ripens, the more sour the tomato will increase.

Cream also reduces the sourness of tomatoes

Whenever there are too many tomatoes in the vegetable, you can add cream to it. For this, take cream in a bowl and whisk it well. Now mix it in Sanjay. When you eat this vegetable, its test will be very good. Whoever eats this vegetable will keep licking his fingers.

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