Kitchen Tips: Burnt your veggies while cooking? Fix it with cool hacks

Kitchen Tips: Often some such mistakes are made while making vegetables. Due to which the mood also gets spoiled along with the test. Cooking is a skill that not everyone has. Although some people cook food with a lot of heart, but still some such mistake is made, its test gets spoiled. Like burning of vegetables often, or burning of spices.

When we make vegetable masala, the taste of the whole vegetable is hidden in it. But sometimes it gets burnt in the beginning itself, and the vegetable gets its smell. If something like this happens to you too, then today’s article is for you only. We are going to tell you some tips that can increase the taste of vegetables.

Kitchen Tips: Use milk or cream

Many times a vegetable is cooked with a lot of heart, but by mistake its masala gets burnt. Because of which the whole vegetable gets wasted. In such a situation, a burnt smell comes from it and a slight bitterness also comes. Which spoils the taste of the mouth. If your vegetable masala is burnt, then you can add milk or cream to it to cure it. Not only will the burnt taste go away, but the taste of the vegetable will also increase a lot.

Use desi ghee

Desi ghee is very good for health. This also increases the taste of food. If it gets burnt while making vegetables, then you can fix it. Whenever you make vegetables, take special care of the spices. If it gets burnt then the test of the whole vegetable gets spoiled. For this, you add 2 to 3 spoons of desi ghee to the spices. This will not only remove the burnt test but it will also get better.

Kitchen Tips: Use curd

Curd works well to increase the taste of food. Also, if the masala gets burnt, you can also use curd to correct it. For this, beat a cup of curd well, and mix it in the vegetable. This will remove the burnt taste from the vegetable and add a nice tangy flavor to it.

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