Kidnapped beggar’s infant found in Wanathawilluwa

The Bambalapitiya Police said that the woman who allegedly kidnapped the one-and-a-half-month-old infant of a beggar woman in Bambalapitiya was arrested at Wanathavilluwa area on Thursday night. The infant has also been taken into police custody.

The police have also arrested four men, including a taxi driver and a broker, who are said to have assisted in abducting the child.

According to the police, the arrested main suspect’s husband is abroad and she was staying at a relative’s house in Colombo to give birth, and after the child died at seven months into her

pregnancy, the police said that she had resolved to return to the village in after finding a child somehow.

Police investigations have revealed that the woman had told an acquaintance in Dematagoda area to find a child and given Rs.300,000.

While the man was searching for an infant, together with this woman in Dematagoda, Borella, Bambalapitiya, for several days, based on information provided by a shoe repairer in Bambalapitiya, they had met the beggar woman and demanded that she sell her one-and-a-half- month-old baby boy.

Then the beggar woman who agreed to the proposition and had been given Rs.100,000 by the main suspect, the broker had been paid Rs.50,000 and the taxi driver had received a payment of Rs.25,000 and the other two persons had been paid Rs.25,000 each.

Police also said that the suspect, who had gone to a textile shop in Dematagoda with the beggar woman, had bought clothes worth Rs.1,900 for the infant. Investigations revealed that although the beggar woman had accepted Rs. 100,000 to hand over the baby, later on she had refused to to do so and they had snatched the infant from her at a car park in Slave Island, got into a hired vehicle and gone to Wanathavilluwa.

A senior police officer said that based on a complaint made by the beggar woman that her child had been kidnapped, a group of suspects were arrested after a lengthy investigation conducted on the basis of the registration numbers of the three-wheeler identified through CCTV footage.

The complainant beggar woman and her husband are heavy drug addicts.

All the suspects including the 53-year-old main suspect who was arrested and the beggar woman are to be produced before the court. Investigations are being conducted on the instructions of Chief Inspector of Police, Sampath Padmalal, Officer-In-Charge of the Bambalapitiya Police

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