Khloe Kardashian Was 'Obsessive' With Weight After Lamar Odom Divorce

Khloe Kardashian reveals she was “obsessive” about what the scale said about her weight following her divorce from her ex-husband Lamar Odom.

In an interview with InStyle, the 38-year-old reality star explained how she put importance on numbers rather than doing what felt best for her body.

“When I first started [working out], I cared so much. Maybe [it’s] just being younger. I think you care about the scale,” she began. “The scale Fs with you. I don’t even look at a scale anymore. I think it’s really unhealthy. I haven’t in years. They’re just numbers.”

Now, Kardashian claims she only uses her gut to prioritize exercising instead of letting numbers determine her value. “I go off of how confident I feel in myself. I’m all about [doing] what’s best for me, mind, body, soul,” she added. “There is no one size fits all.”

The “Revenge Body” host also recalled how her divorce with Odom led her to exhibit “obsessive” behaviors when it came to going to the gym.

“The reason why I turned to the gym was actually through my divorce. I didn’t really know what to do,” Khloe continued. “Of course, in the beginning, you [have to] get over that hump of it being really hard and something so new for you. But I felt so accomplished.”

She confessed, “I’m sort of a control freak, but in life we can’t control everything. But the gym, what I put in it, I know I’m going to get out of it. And being a control freak — I’m proud of it — I love that I have that control.”

In September 2009, Kardashian and the former NBA player tied the knot after dating for just one month. Four years later, Khloe filed for divorce until Lamar was left in a comatose state after he accidentally overdosed at a brothel in Nevada in order to be his legal caretaker.

When the basketball player fully recovered, the Good American founder refiled in May 2016 and their divorce was finalized seven months later.

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