Kenan Thompson Crashes 90s Con to Talk Good Burger 2, Amanda Bynes Cancels at Last Minute

“Saturday Night Live” star Kenan Thompson is so excited about returning to the franchise and film that made him a star that he jetted straight from an appearance on “The Tonight Show” to 90s Con in Hartford, CT to talk even more about “Good Burger 2.”

Fans were stunned when Thompson crashed the “All That” panel at the convention for all things 1990s, joining franchise costars Kel Mitchell (who was scheduled to be there), Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg. Amanda Bynes had also been set to appear, but pulled out at the last minute.

While Bynes did not offer a reason for her absence, which was decided earlier in the day on Friday, Mitchell did give her a shout-out at the end of the panel, asking the audience to “send a prayer” her way and telling her to “feel better.”

Bynes has not yet revealed what caused her to cancel at the last minute, but did post a photo to her Instagram where she appears to be visibly upset. There was no caption.

On stage, Thompson was beaming as he talked about the project, telling fans, “We’re shooting this summer and it should be out this year.” The film is expected to go before cameras in May with a target premiere around the Thanksgiving holiday on Paramount+.

He then joked — but you know the fans are going to choose to believe — “then maybe do part 3, 4, 5, 6, 7! … ‘Fast Furious’-style” — before throwing out a list of possible cameo stars he’d love to have be part of the revival, including Tamberelli and Denberg (who appeared in the original sketches).

I keep saying Harry Styles. I just feel like it would be a really big one, you know what I’m saying? One Direction!” Thompson crowed. “Sinbad definitely is gonna be back. Even if we got to go to him, we’ll make sure we have Sinbad for sure. All the traditional favorites, I think. Barack Obama would be great.”

Considering how beloved the film has become across multiple generations, as well as all the connections and friendships Kenan himself has forged on “SNL,” why not shoot for the sky?

Currently in his 20th season on NBC’s late-night stalwart, longtime fans know that Kenan first broke out big on another sketch show, Nickelodeon’s “All That,” starting in 1994. Two years later, he was spun out in a new sitcom with co-star Kel Mitchell, and the two have been closely associated ever since.

Their biggest role as a duo came with “Good Burger” in 1997. The film, which spun out from an “All That” sketch, went from a solid box office hit for the network to a bona fide cult classic in the ensuing 25 years.

The comedy duo have revived the “Good Burger” brand multiple times over the years, most notably in a sketch for “The Tonight Show” in 2015, and for a disturbing twist with Keke Palmer on “SNL” just last year.

There has been talk of a sequel for years now, with both stars expressing an interesting in making that happen, and finally all that talk is leading to action. The film’s description reads that Dexter Reed (Thompson) and cashier Ed (Mitchell) “reunite in the present day at fast-food restaurant Good Burger with a hilarious new group of employees.”

You can check out their official announcement on “The Tonight Show” below, as well as a short sketch that introduces Jimmy Fallon as another Ed!

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