Kelly Ripa Talks Frustrations with 'Insanely Jealous' Mark Consuelos Early in Marriage

As if she wasn’t busy enough, Kelly Ripa is adding a new podcast to her schedule, dishing about one of the biggest challenges she’s ever faced in her long marriage to Mark Conseulos.

After 27 years of marriage, Kelly and Mark are in a very good place — and will actually start working together when Mark replaces Ryan Seacrest as co-host of “Live” this spring. But it wasn’t always easy for Kelly.

In a sneak peek of her upcoming “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast for SiriusXM, per Entertainment Tonight, Kelly shared that her “biggest complaint” with Mark — who was her guest on the episode — was that he was “insanely jealous.”

She qualified that he wasn’t this way any longer, but early in their marriage he “used to be insanely jealous and that was a hard pill to swallow.”

Kelly went on to detail one memory specifically from all the way back to their first week of marriage. She went to visit Mark in Boston and a “very cute old man” she said was likely in his 70s or 80s was serving as their waiter and called her “the principessa.”

She explained that Mark used to have “a perception of a scenario,” and he acknowledged that in the moment of that particular interaction, he “got upset.”

“I thought it was so cute that this little old man called me a princess, and I looked at him and I gave him my order in a very smiley way,” Kelly recalled. “And he walked away and you picked a horrible fight.”

Mark acknowledged what he described as a “character flaw” when he was 25 years old, saying he “was pretty insane.” He also opened up about what it’s like to be the person who is jealous. “It’s ugly,” he shared. “As ugly as it feels to the person who has to be on the receiving end of it, it’s such an ugly feeling inside.”

“If this is any consolation, you know you’re being crazy,” he continued. “The jealous person knows that this is wrong and it’s ugly, but they can’t help it.”

Luckily for Kelly and their marriage, Mark was able to acknowledge that his jealousy was “getting in the way,” as he put it, and so that was one of the major things he worked on.

Kelly and Mark will have plenty of time to dish on their lives together, and whatever else they want to discuss, when he takes over for Ryan on “Live” starting April 17.

In the meantime, the first episode of “Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa” premieres Wednesday, March 22. According to ET, Kelly will be welcoming Anderson Cooper, Carol Burnett, Edie Falco, Holly Robinson Peete, Joel McHale, Matthew McConaughey, Nia Long and more this season.

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