Julia Fox Breaks Silence on Brother's Arrest in Ghost Gun Raid

Julia Fox has broken her silence on the arrest of her brother, Christopher Fox, in a ghost gun raid in New York City earlier this month.

While it was widely known that her father had been briefly held by NYPD for questioning and was not charged in the raid, Julia wanted to make it clear that he had no involvement in the alleged crimes.

“My dad was released that night,” the actress said in a video she posted to TikTok. “It was determined that he had no involvement and didn’t really know what was going on.”

Fox went on to defend her brother’s character in the short video, stating: “I know my brother, and I’ve always known him to be the sweetest, most gentle guy, soft-spoken. He loves animals, loves to plant flowers, loves nature.”

However, she did admit, “But I will say, both my brother and I have a lot of trauma.”

“The difference is I’m scrappy, I’m a fighter,” she went on to explain. “I was able to release a lot of that rage. Whereas Christopher, he internalized it.”

Julia did remain hopeful though, saying that there was a “silver lining” to the messy situation in that “he’s finally going to get the help that I’ve been trying to get him for so long.”

Beyond that the “Uncut Gems” actress didn’t want to say more in case it somehow affected her brother’s ongoing legal situation.

She did add how she personally felt about it all: “I will say that I’m just, you know, embarrassed.”

Last week, the NYPD’s Ghost Gun Team said they found several untraceable firearm parts related to guns that can be made in a 3D printer as well as illegal narcotics in the raid on Christopher Fox in the Upper East Side.

NYPD said neighbors had tipped off police regarding suspicious deliveries. In the raid, cops said they found fentanyl, heroin, chloroform, a pill press, illegal firearms and materials often used to make explosives (something Julia appears to contest in the video above). Police do not currently believe terrorism is involved.

Christopher is facing multiple charges — including criminal possession of controlled substance, manufacture of a machine gun, and criminal possession of drug paraphilia, per local ABC7.

At the time the department released a statement: “The NYPD will continue to fight relentlessly against illegal guns – against both the steady proliferation of traditionally-manufactured firearms and the increasingly prevalent numbers of illegal, untraceable but fully functioning weapons known as ghost guns.”

Previously the suspect’s famous sister told Highsnobiety that her sibling lived in NYC like her but was “not really around.”

“He’s like a mad scientist recluse,” the “Uncut Gems” actress said. “He builds 3D printers for fun.”

According to NYPD, the 3D-printed items found in their raid were used to make ghost guns.

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