Jimin, Suga & J-Hope grooving to Like Crazy left us gushing, VIDEO

New Delhi: BTS members Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin surprised their fans by dancing to the latter’s new song Like Crazy. BTS official posted a video of Suga and Jimin dancing to the new song on its Instagram page on Monday. The video began with Suga and the rapper looking out their windows before joining forces for the dance.

Jimin, Suga & J-Hope dances to Like Crazy

The pair could not help laughing as they danced. As the clip came to a close, the Like Crazy singer reached out his hand to Suga, who gave him a quick moment of attention before slapping it playfully. In the end, Suga was seen grinning. The video was shared with the caption, “Our Minimini is dancing together this happy.”

Suga donned a white T-shirt, black jeans, and a green cardigan in the video. Jimin chose a beige jumper, white T-shirt, and jeans. He was seen wearing yellow and white shoes, while Suga was wearing black and white trainers.

Jimin and J-Hope danced to the song in a different video that a BTS representative released. J-Hope and Jimin were shown mocking one another while holding two empty drinks at the beginning of the video. J-Hope shoved the rapper as he pretended to toss the cup’s contents towards Jimin as the video came to a conclusion.

J-Hope wore a striped olive green T-shirt, jeans, and red sneakers in the video. The other BTS member was spotted wearing a grey jacket, jeans, white trainers, and a white T-shirt.

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