Jammu: Dentist stabs 26-yr-old lover Dr Sumedha Sharma to death, later stabs himself

Jammu Sumedha Sharma Murder: A case identical to Delhi’s Shraddha Walker murder case has emerged from Jammu. A 26-year-old dentist, Dr Sumedha Sharma, was stabbed to death by her lover here. After murdering his girlfriend, the young guy attempted suicide.

On receiving the information, the cops arrived at the scene and rushed the accused teenager to a hospital for treatment. In addition to filing the case, an investigation has begun.

Authorities have identified the female doctor as Dr Sumedha Sharma, the daughter of Talaba Tillo (Jammu) resident Kamal Kishore Sharma. Johar Ganai, son of Mahmood Ganai and a native of Bhaderwah, Doda district, has been named as the accused. The accused Johar Ganai’s family currently resides in Pamposh Colony.

Accused being treated at Jammu’s Government Medical College

After receiving the information, when the police arrived at Johar’s Janipur house, the gate was closed from the outside. As the police entered the house, they discovered Dr Sumedha’s body saturated in blood on the ground, while accused Johar’s body bore injury marks.

Following this, the cops transported him to the hospital. Sumedha’s body was returned to her family members after the judicial process was completed. The accused person is in critical condition. He is being treated at Jammu’s Government Medical College. The police have opened a murder investigation.

Sumedha was pursuing MDS

According to reports, the deceased Sumedha Sharma and the accused Johar had a love affair. They had completed BDS from Jammu Dental College. Sumedha Sharma was an MDS student at a college outside of J&K and had returned home for Holi.

Dr Sumedha went to her lover’s house in Janipur on March 7 when the two had a disagreement about something. During that time, Johar murdered Sumedha with a kitchen knife, and then attempted suicide with the same knife. As a result, Johar was gravely hurt.

The police are looking into everything. At the same time, the families of the accused and the deceased are refusing to comment on the situation.

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