Jameela Jamil Blasts Ozempic at Oscars: 'None of This Lasts'

Jameela Jamil is calling out toxic diet culture at this year’s Academy Awards.

Following Hollywood’s biggest night, the 37-year-old “She-Hulk” star took to Instagram to share her take on why everyone was so “skinny” at the awards ceremony this year.

In a black text block posted to her feed, Jamil reminded her followers not to use their favorite celebrities as weight loss goals as their bodies often are not achieved by healthy or natural means.

“A lot of discourse about how skinny everyone is at the Oscar’s this year,” she began. “A LOT of people this year took weight loss injections (which don’t keep the weight off permanently).”

“The Good Place” actress doubled down on claims she wasn’t trying to be “judgemental,” but rather attempting to keep her followers from being “triggered” or “make any sudden decisions, because of the images of impossible standards that come out today.”

“It’s a temporary extreme,” Jamil continued. “None of this lasts. Very rarely is it unrestrictive and healthy. Don’t shame yourself because you don’t look like these women tonight.”

She added a disclaimer that her criticism didn’t apply to “ALL the people at the Oscars.”

The British actor continued her discourse on how “weight loss becomes an Olympic sport during awards season” in her caption.

While Jamil “loved so many of the dresses, and the people in them,” she called the weight loss practices leading up to the red carpet, “an industry pressure and a result of f—king tiny samples from designers that are straight off the runway from fashion month, that result in such a forced uniform thinness, and fear of wrinkles.”

“They’re all so beautiful and talented, and I love them. And I wish none of us felt that pressure. Maybe one day…” she wrote.

“But for now, all I can do is reach you and tell you it’s not as real as you think it is, and as someone who did all this s–t for 2 decades, it’s not worth it ❤️” she concluded.

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