IOSA renewal stamps SriLankan safety standards

SriLankan Airlines’ commitment to safety has been reaffirmed with the recent successful completion of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).The IOSA Program is a global industry standard for airline operational safety, on which member airlines of IATA are audited every two years.

Under the IOSA Program, SriLankan was audited on the eight areas of Organization and Management System; Flight Operations; Operational Control and Flight Dispatch; Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance; Cabin Operations; Ground Handling Operations; Cargo Operations; and Security Management. The audit systematically verified manuals, training records and standard operating procedures as well as performed physical assessments and aircraft inspections. SriLankan came through successfully in each of the eight areas, following the rigorous procedure.

The IOSA registration is crucial for several reasons, besides being a requisite for gaining full membership to IATA. Among its many advantages, compliance with IOSA standards enables SriLankan to stay on top of ever-changing best practices in global aviation safety. It also allows SriLankan to remain listed in the IOSA registry and reap benefits such as convenient settlement of invoices via the IATA Clearing House.

More importantly, it is an assurance to SriLankan’s that the airline is committed to consistent operational safety standards that are on par with the highest international standards in aviation. Safety remains an overarching theme in the airline industry and in the many policies and systems that govern the daily operation of an airline. The IOSA registration is a validation of SriLankan Airlines’ outstanding track record and intense efforts in this all-critical area.



by Daily News Sri Lanka

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