In which direction should Mandir be placed as per vastu? Check here

Vastu: Given that it is thought that the optimum direction for worship is towards the northeast corner of the home, the puja room should be situated there. Since that it is associated with the Agni (fire) element, the northeast is said to promote optimism, chastity, and spiritual advancement. It is reported that the Hindu god Lord Ishana pointed in this direction, which is said to stand for the direction of intelligence and wisdom.

According to legend, building a pooja room in the home’s northeastern corner will bring its residents success, money, and good health. Also, it is claimed to encourage spiritual growth and provide a comfortable setting for meditation and prayer. You may also choose north or east as the mandir direction for your home if the northeast direction is already in use by anything else.

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While having a separate pooja room is ideal, it is not always feasible in metropolitan locations where space is at a premium. Hence, depending on the needs and preferences of the occupants, such households may benefit from either a wall-mounted mandir or a small corner mandir.

Vaastu Importance of Mandir Diretion

The orientation of a house is significant since it is said to be the source of positive vibes and spiritual energy. The four cardinal directions—north, south, east, and west—are crucial to Vastu because each of them is connected to unique characteristics and traits. For instance, the north is seen to be the path to riches and success, whereas the south is said to be the direction of health and longevity.

It is believed that a building’s or room’s inhabitants would experience prosperity and vitality if it is properly aligned with the cardinal directions. This means that selecting the appropriate mandir orientation at home is crucial for creating a happy and spiritual environment.

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