Hugh Grant's Awkward Interview with Ashley Graham on Oscars Red Carpet: Twitter Reacts

Hugh Grant’s awkward interaction with Ashley Graham is raising eyebrows!

Reporting live from the Oscars Red Carpet, the model had a brief interview with the “Love Actually” actor that left the internet a little bewildered.

When Graham asked the Academy Awards veteran his favorite part of attending the annual ceremony, the 62-year-old took his time searching for the perfect answer before simply stating, “the whole of humanity is here tonight, it’s vanity fair.”

She then inquired about what he was most excited to see tonight, he replied, “to see?” to which Graham clarified, “I know that you’ve probably watched a few of the movies, are you excited to see anybody win? Do you have your hopes up for anyone?”

“No one in particular,” Grant said.

The “Notting Hill” star also answered the Swimsuit Illustrated model’s next question about what he was wearing by dryly replying, “my suit.”

“Your suit?” Graham quipped, “You didn’t make it.”

“I can’t remember… my tailor,” he replied.

Ashley later asked him about his experience filming Netflix’s “Glass Onion,” and Grant retorted, “Well, I’m barely in it. I’m in it for about three seconds.”

“Well yeah, but still you showed up and had fun right?” Graham implored.

“Almost,” Hugh admitted.

When the “Bridget Jones’s Diary” star walked away, fans saw the actor raise an eyebrow before leaving.

Oscar viewers flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on the uncomfortable interview.

One user wrote, “Hugh Grant wants no part in this dumb s–t.”

“And the Oscar for the guy who totally doesn’t want to be there goes to Hugh Grant,” another tweeted.

“Anyone catch the eye roll Hugh Grant just gave after this live Oscars interview? Was he mad she called him a ‘veteran’ of the Oscars or was he just mad at the world?” someone else questioned.

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