Home Remedies For Dundruff: This will eliminate years old dandruff from the root, adopt it today

Home Remedies For Dundruff: Dandruff in hair is a very common problem. In every season, be it summer or winter, this problem follows and bothers a lot. It bothers some people more in the summer season, and some in the winter season.

Dust-soil and pollution as well as poor lifestyle are also responsible for this. That’s why there is a need to take special care of the hair. Some home remedies are effective for this. That’s why today we have brought some such home remedies for you, which will help you to get rid of this problem.

Follow these home remedies to get rid of dandruff

1. Multani mitti is very beneficial

The problem of dandruff has become very common. To get relief from this, you have to mix apple vinegar in multani mitti powder and apply it to your hair twice a week. With its regular use, you will get relief from the problem of dandruff.

2. Neem is also helpful

Hardly anyone would be unaware of the fact that Neem has many medicinal properties. To get relief from dandruff, you have to boil neem leaves and then cool this water and wash your hair with it. You have to do this twice a week, washing hair with neem leaves water will benefit you.

3. Lemon is also effective in removing dandruff

Very few people would know that lemon reduces the accumulation of dandruff in the hair. For this, you have to mix lemon juice in coconut oil and apply it on your hair and leave it on the hair for some time. After this you wash your hair thoroughly. By doing this regularly you will get relief from this problem.

Disclaimer: The article concerned is for the information and awareness of the reader. We humbly request you to take medical advice regarding this. Our aim is only to provide you information.

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