Holi 2023: Celebrating first Holi as newlyweds? Tips here

Holi 2023: Holi is one of the year’s most anticipated celebrations. The festival of colours is widely celebrated throughout the country. The festivities are especially more special for newlywed couples who are celebrating the holiday for the first time.

All of the firsts after the wedding are memorable in their own right for the newlywed couple. If this is your first Holi after your wedding, we’re sure you’re looking forward to the festivities. There are numerous methods to make this year’s events unforgettable.

An Intimate Holi Party 

Though the pandemic persists, the government has relaxed some regulations, making it easier to celebrate holidays such as Holi. Instead of throwing a big party, opt for a small gathering. Invite your closest family and friends. You can select your terrace or balcony area as the venue. Decorate the area with flowers and colourful hangings to add to the Holi feel.

Twin in with your partner

Another approach to make the celebrations unique is to dress in traditional attire. Choose matching or colour coordinated clothing for you and your companion. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures on the occasion because these are the memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Prepare dessert together

Holi celebrations would be incomplete without traditional Indian sweets. Hence, make it even more special by cooking together during Holi. Spend some time preparing food in the kitchen. If you and your partner are not experienced cooks, use the internet or advice from family elders to produce delightful delicacies for everyone.

Special Holi Gift for your Partner

Make your first Holi extra special by surprising your lover with a present. Create a list of the things your partner would enjoy, and then buy what will make them happy. If you are having difficulty purchasing gifts, stick to safer options such as a cellphone or automobile accessory, a gadget, or a box of chocolates.

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