Hero MotoCorp to increase prices of THESE bikes from 1 April

New Delhi: Hero Splendor, one of the country’s best-selling motorcycles, is going to be expensive from the first of next month. Hero MotoCorp, the company making it, is going to increase the price of almost all the bikes in its portfolio, not just the Splendor. This increase in prices can be up to 2 percent.

Hero MotoCorp said in a statement that from April 1, pollution emission rules are changing for all vehicles. More strict standards related to BS-6 are going to be implemented. Due to this, the cost of the company has increased a lot and it is being forced to pass some of its burden on the customers.

Ex-showroom prices of vehicles will increase

Hero MotoCorp says that the increase in prices will depend on the models and market area of the bikes. At the same time, this increase of up to 2 percent will be on the ex-showroom price of the motorcycles. However, the company has assured its customers that it will provide unique finance solutions along with increasing the prices.

Best Selling Bike Splendor

Hero Splendor is the best selling bike in the country. In February 2023, the company sold 2,88,605 Hero Splendors. Whereas in February 2022, 1,93,731 units were sold. In this way, there has been a growth of 48.97 percent in the sale of Hero Splendor on an annual basis.

These rules related to BS-6 are changing

Hero MotoCorp has cited the most important reason for increasing the price as the change in emission standards, due to which its cost has increased. Let us tell you that from April 1, 2023, the on-board diagnostics (OBD2) rules for 2-wheelers are changing.

OBD-II norms were recently made mandatory for cars and trucks. Whereas now it is being implemented for 2-wheelers. With this system update, motorcycle and scooter owners will get accurate information about the health of their vehicle. On the other hand, the repairing mechanic will know what is the real problem with the vehicle.

Not only this, the government is also going to make the updated version of Real Driving Emission (RDE) and Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE 2) mandatory from April 1. Although these rules are related to four wheelers.

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