Government bans 6 pro-Khalistan YouTube Channels

New Delhi: The Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry on Friday blocked at least 6 Youtube channels allegedly promoting pro-Khalistan content, a senior official informed.

Apurva Chandra, Information and Broadcasting Secretary, said six to eight YouTube Channels have been blocked in the last 10 days. All of them operated from foreign countries, He added.

According to the I & B Secretary, All these channels were trying to create trouble in Punjab with pro-Khalistan content in the Punjabi language.

The Union Government’s action to ban these Youtube channels came in the wake of supporters of Waris-Punjab-De chief and Khalistani sympathiser Amritpal Singh.

As per government officials, Youtube has been asked to ban at least 6-8 Youtube channels and use AI and algorithms to identify and block objectionable content automatically.

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