Ghaziabad robbery: Five criminals arrested, arms and ammunition recovered

Ghaziabad  robbery: Five persons were arrested on robbery charges in the Loni district of Ghaziabad on Thursday, and various weapons and ammunition were recovered from them, police said.

The accused were all between the ages of 19 and 22. Officials claimed the arrests were made by Loni Police Station officers, who also confiscated Rs 32 thousand in cash from the apprehended culprits. According to authorities, the accused entered the criminal world to get quick money and to pursue their hobbies, and they committed three large thefts in Loni one after the other.

Nikhil, the gang’s leader, is only 21 years old and was recently released from prison. He organised the gang and persuaded them to perform the robberies. According to authorities, Nikhil is still at large and is being sought.

A merchant was robbed of Rs 34,000 ten days ago while heading home after closing his shop in the Loni neighbourhood. Similarly, two more robberies occurred in the same neighbourhood within a short period of time, according to police.

Because Loni is close to Delhi, the Delhi Police has been contacted to determine whether the gang was involved in similar crimes in Delhi or not. Officials said the Delhi Police has been asked to provide data to determine whether similar types of robberies occurred in the surrounding areas of Delhi or not.

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