Gerard Pique Speaks Out About His Life Post-Shakira Divorce: 'I Am Very Happy'

Gerard Pique is finally addressing the recent “changes” in his life and where he stands now after his divorce from ex-wife Shakira.

Speaking with El Pais this week, he made it clear his focus was on the former couple’s two sons, Sasha, 8, and Milan, 10. “Each parent has the responsibility to try to do the best for their children,” he told the outlet (translated via DailyMail), “It’s about protecting them.”

“That’s the work of all parents with their children. That’s what I’m focused on and that’s my job as a father,” he added.

Shakira, 47, and Pique, 36, called it quits in June 2022 after 11 years together. He’s since been linked to 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti — while his ex has seemingly taken aim at them both in recent singles “BZRP Music Sessions #53” and “TQG (Te Quedó Grande)”.

Addressing his life now, he made it seem like he didn’t have any regrets.

“I keep doing what I want,” he said. “The day I die, I will look behind me and I hope to have done everything I wanted. I want to be true to myself. I’m not going to spend money on cleaning up my image.”

“The people I worry about and love are the ones that know me. I don’t care about the rest,” he continued. “I channel my energy into being with my people and giving them what I have. I am very happy.”

Addressing the “changes” in his life, he added that he knows how to “maintain” his happiness going forward.

Shakira opened up about the split while speaking to Elle back in September.

“For those women like me who believe in values like family who had the dream, the big dream of having a family forever, to see that dream broken or shredded into pieces is probably one of the most painful things that you can ever go through,” she told the outlet, adding that she’s hoping to show resilience in the face of it all.

“I can only say that I put everything I had into this relationship and my family,” she added, pointing to how she relocated to Barcelona and put her own career on the backburner at the time to support him and be with their children. “It was a sacrifice of love,” she said, adding that it helped her build an “unbreakable” bond with their kids.

“Regardless of how things ended or how Gerard and I feel about each other as ex-partners, he is the father of my children” and she has “faith that we will figure out what is best for their future, their own dreams in life, and what is a fair solution for everyone involved.”

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