Future Marketing Mastery: The Role of AIESEC in Grooming Young Leaders

“100 storytellers” is an annual event organized by AIESEC in Sri Lanka to uplift the marketing skills of the next generation of leaders of Sri Lanka. By improving the marketing skills of future leaders, this event contributes to the overall economic growth and competitiveness of Sri Lanka within the global circa.

100 storytellers 2023 was held for its second consecutive year which marked its commencement on the 14th January. The event consisted of a series of sessions that spanned across a week, conducted by both local and international marketing experts such as Tharindu Amarasekera, Amithe Gamage, Malcolm Chen, Kushlani De Silva and Mimi Nicklin. The Induction Ceremony of 100 storytellers 2023 was held at the DHPL conference hall on the 14th of January with the participation of enthusiastic delegates and an array of veteran marketers, adding vibrance to the day.

The day was indeed made special and insightful with the support of the Printed Media Partner Ceylon Newspapers Ltd. along with many distinguished partners such as BrandLabs, Zirateh and U-Fresh.

100 Storytellers is a setting which provides a platform to showcase skills, learn from experts, and network with peers. The event equips young leaders with the latest marketing trends and techniques, leading to the development of new and innovative approaches.

The organizing committee president, Sachinthi Wirasinha, Local Committee Vice President for marketing of AIESEC in University of Sri Jayawardenapura for the term 22.23 stated that the organizing committee expects to create a set of marketers who are not only passionate but also well versed in all branches relating to the field of Marketing.

Onela Weerasinghe, a delegate at 100 storytellers 2023 mentioned that in addition to the educational component of the event, 100 storytellers also provided the delegation with the opportunity to network with other young marketers from different universities, hence it was a great opportunity for the delegates to make connections and build relationships that can help them get ahead in the competitive world of marketing.

AIESEC Sri Lanka, a part of the world’s largest youth-led organization; AIESEC, has been instrumental in developing the leadership skills of young individuals in Sri Lanka through its various programs and initiatives. It provides hands-on experience and exposure to real-life projects, enabling members to acquire practical knowledge and skills. AIESEC’s focus on personal and professional development, along with its global network, has helped the youth to build a solid foundation in marketing and become successful in their careers ahead.

In conclusion, “100 Storytellers” is a conference that young marketers who want to develop the abilities and contacts necessary to succeed in the field shouldn’t miss. Regardless of where you are in your marketing career or whether you want to move forward, this is an occasion you would not want to miss. “100 Storytellers” is the ideal event to support young marketers in gaining the abilities they need to succeed in the marketing industry because of its emphasis on storytelling and its combination of educational and networking opportunities.


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