Fuel supply from Lanka Marine Services

Lanka Marine Services (Pvt) Ltd. (LMS), Sri Lanka’s leading supplier of fuel to ships, has expanded its services to supply fuel to local businesses from April 2022. Amid fuel shortages in the country, this enables local businesses to continue uninterrupted operations.

LMS has supplied fuel to more than 250 companies in Sri Lanka which operate in various industries. As LMS has been supplying marine gas oil (MGO), an alternative to diesel, which is considered to be superior in performance and environmentally friendly due to its remarkably low sulphur content. These fuel stocks are sourced directly from global oil trading hubs of Singapore and the Middle-East.

LMS has deployed a dedicated team to undertake facilitating efficient order fulfilment. The team ensures that the requirements of the clients are attended to in a timely manner. To further streamline the ordering process, LMS has launched a dedicated web page on its website where local companies can learn about the ordering process and submit order requests. After the order details and eligibility of the company are verified, LMS undertakes the customs clearance process to issue the fuel to the customers.

“With a seasoned team of operational personnel overlooking key operational aspects and customs regulations, we have been able to successfully address the needs of the local businesses when our product was desperately needed,” said Ms. Anushka Weeraratne, CEO of Lanka Marine Services. She continued, “Our dedicated team has not only identified how our products can be utilised by local companies to sustain their operations, but we have also expanded our capabilities to ensure that we make the products available within a short lead time despite the demand increase. By making our products easily accessible to the local businesses that play a major role in sustaining the wellbeing our economy, we have vastly expanded our customer base.”

“Lanka Marine Services is an entity that has always demonstrated excellence in its operations,” said Zafir Hashim, the President of the John Keells Transportation Sector. “With the expansion of its services to serve local businesses, Lanka Marine Services which is a part of John Keells Holdings PLC, is making its mark in Sri Lanka by facilitating entities to continue their operations despite the disruptions caused by the economic crisis.”


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