Excel World & Island Market unite to uplift women-run businesses

In keeping with the vision of making a difference and empowering local entrepreneurs, Excel World will collaborate with The Island Market on the 25th of March to host its first ever pop-up market. The venue will be provided free of charge to the initiative in keeping with the concept of the power of a business to do good. Founded with the aim of supporting home-grown small-scale businesses, creators and artisans by giving them a platform to showcase and grow their products, one of the core principles of The Island Market is to additionally invest in and equip female-run enterprises. As we celebrate International Women’s Day this month, the pop-up event takes on even more significance in keeping with the idea of women’s empowerment. The Island Market additionally extends its support to those who are differently-abled and wish to participate at no additional cost.

The Island Market works closely with over 50 local artisans and creators to source and promote; food, homeware, clothes, jewelry, art, lighting products, collectibles, charity-related items and more. Infused into the concept is the idea that every purchase makes a difference; ultimately contributing to a house-hold income and most importantly, giving back to the people who crafted the very items. Each vendor is armed with their own unique story along with the inspiration behind their product, making every creation intrinsically one-of-a-kind. With its array of diverse offerings, The Island Market is guaranteed to help one find something to purchase, whether they be 15 or 50.

Past events conducted by The Island Market have been largely attended by a cross-section of residents in Colombo and the initiative expects to attract a walk-in crowd in excess of 300 people. Live entertainment features and a carnival atmosphere will lend to the exuberant nature of the event, making it one for the entire family. Excel World, by collaborating with The Island Market hopes to grow this into a regular happening with community-driven activities, ultimately evolving into a must-attend date in Colombo’s monthly calendar. With the upcoming seasonal festivities around the corner, the Island Market is a great way to kick-start one’s gift shopping!

Excel World, Colombo’s most popular entertainment park for the entire family is owned and managed by Excel Restaurants Ltd. Following its renovations in the recent past, Excel World offers a range of food outlets and restaurants in addition to its popular Darley Road Pub and Brick Lane Coffee House along with its upgraded banquet and conference facilities. Excel Restaurants Ltd., is owned by the Browns Group, which is also a part of LOLC, one of the largest diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka. The Browns Group manages a fast-growing and valuable portfolio of brands across several key industry sectors, such as power generation; home and office solutions; agriculture and plantation support services; pharmaceuticals; investments; marine and manufacturing as well as leisure and hospitality.


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