Elephant stuck in mud dies in Puttalam

A 35-year-old wild elephant was found dead on Thursday (2) after getting stuck in the mud at the Karuwalagaswewa Perayavilluwa tank.

An officer of the Karuwalagaswewa police said that the elephant

was about 9 feet in height. The police also stated that Wildlife Department veterinarians concluded that the death of the elephant was caused by a blockage in the respiratory system due to severe pressure caused by the elephant’s front left foot which had sunk in the mud up to its chest area.

The police suspect that this wild elephant got stuck and sank in the mud between the night of March 1 and the morning of March 2. A senior official of the Karuwalagaswewa Police stated that the elephant was dead by the time it was discovered in the morning.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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