‘Don’t prioritise right to choice over right to life’: Former judges appeal against same-sex marriage

New Delhi: Following a stir over legalising same-sex marriage in India, a group of former judges Wednesday wrote a letter appealing against it, advocating that the right to life should be given priority over right to choice.

“Giving priority to right to choice and personal liberty over right to life may cause severe consequences in the future,” read the letter.

In the letter, the judges insisted that “the purpose of marriage is not confined only to the physical intimacy of partners but goes far beyond and is indispensable for the growth of society by way of procreation of progeny.”

A group of former Judges issue a statement over the issue of legalisation of same-sex marriage.

“We respectfully urge the conscious members of the society including those who are pursuing the issue of same-sex marriage In Supreme Court to refrain from doing so in the best… pic.twitter.com/FJZsdkPPLr

— ANI (@ANI) March 29, 2023

The letter stated that some vested interest groups are trying to import “cancerous problems” in India through the misuse of judiciary as an institution in the name of right to choice.

The judges also said that Indian cultural civilization has constantly been attacked for centuries but survived against all odds.

“Now in independent India it is facing attacks on its cultural roots by the superimposition of western thoughts, philosophies and practices which are not viable for this nation at all,” it read.

Cites US-based report over rise in HIV cases

The judges further cited a US-based report, which they claimed has revealed that a majority of HIV cases were detected amongst the gay and bisexual men in America.

It read, “…specifically the American experience where as per its own official figures published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the HIV Surveillance Report, for 2019 and 2020, it has been reported that 70% of new HIV-AIDS incidence in the country was amongst the gay and bisexual men. ”

The judges said the children adopted by Homosexual couples will also have a negative impact.

“In addition to the health consequences amongst the partners, there are studies to state that legalising homosexual marriage will have negative consequences over the children adopted by such couples, including their emotional and psychological development as well as on their nurturing in an environment devoid of balanced parenthood,” said the judges.

Caters Personal Health At Cost Of Social Health

As mentioned in the letter, the judges opined that the concept of same-sex marriage caters to individual emotional health at the cost of larger social health with the risk at significant population decline.

Along with that, legalising the same-sex marriage will affect the gamut of personal laws related to adoption and succession. The union also concerns the gene pool that is likely to be weaken affecting human race, stated the judges.

“Therefore, owing to its devastating impact on children, family, and society, mindless attempts to ape the practices of West in India, especially by legalising same-sex marriage, would prove to be a death knell to the already crumbling family system and devastating impact on the society at large,” read the letter.

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