‘Don’t cheat anyone again’: Woman dies by ingesting poison after watching husband’s ‘videos’

Patna: A woman in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur area chose death after becoming tired of her husband’s abuse and unlawful relationships. She also filmed a video before ingesting the poison and stated, “I’m going… Now, you will be content. Just don’t be a cheat like you were to me. I’ve always adored you.”

The woman had discovered her husband’s pendrive some time ago. There were disturbing videos of her husband with numerous women in the drive. On the basis of the victim’s family’s allegation, police have opened an investigation.

Ajmat, a Muzaffarpur resident in the Ahiyapur police station area of the district, married Zaheer Javed in April of last year. Javed, her husband, worked as a construction engineer in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The deceased’s father stated that after the marriage, the daughter learned about the husband’s unlawful relationships.

Inappropriate videos with numerous ladies

She began to keep an eye on her husband after that. Only then did she obtain a pendrive from her husband. There were disturbing videos of him with numerous women in them. When she objected, her husband became enraged. After learning the information, the parents settled the argument by convincing both of them multiple times.

Parents sent to withdraw money from ATM

On Sunday afternoon, the woman was at her mother’s house. She asked her parents to withdraw cash from an ATM. When they returned, they saw their daughter laying in the room and rushed her to the hospital, where she died.

WhatsApp account hacked by husband

According to the father, the son-in-law did not take the daughter to her in-laws’ house following their marriage. She was kept in a rented room near Garam Chowk. The accused even hacked into his daughter’s WhatsApp account. Whenever he talked to his daughter in private, her husband found out. He used to beat up his daughter after that.

‘You wanted it, didn’t you? I’m leaving…’

Ajmat also recorded a video before passing away. In it, she is seen carrying a packet of poison and stating, “Aap toh toh hi chahte tha… I’m getting ready to leave… You will be content. Just don’t be a liar like me. I have always adored you. Everyone had shackled us, but we had truly loved you. We’re leaving now. May you live a happy and healthy life.” She then stops the recording and drinks poison after stating this.

In this case, DSP Town Raghav Dayal stated that the woman from the Ahiyapur area worked as a teacher. After being harassed by her spouse, she ingested poison. She died while undergoing treatment. Based on the family members’ statements, additional action is being taken by filing an FIR.

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