Deshan Amarasinghe expands ‘5D Concept’ to further accelerate peoples’ journey towards success

Motivational speaker Deshan Amarasinghe has expanded his globally acclaimed ‘5D Concept’ to help people worldwide achieve their dreams and success by introducing two new model management systems. Titled ‘Human Model Management Systems’ and ‘Business Model Management System’, the two elements will help individuals who follow the 5D Concept to achieve their life goals efficiently while significantly restabilising mental health during these challenging times.

“After the resounding success we had with the 5D Concept, we have divided it into two elements. They are the Human Model Management System and the Business Model Management System. We use them as management systems for every human being to achieve their goals in life. Many organizations in the world use these management structures to improve their organizations. But for the first time in the world, we are introducing a way to improve individuals using a management system through the 5D concept. This helps people to move towards their desired goals passionately in a fast-paced approach,”

Deshan Amarasinghe launched ‘5D’ during the height of the pandemic to restabilise mental health to achieve dreams and success. The five elements of this unique concept are Dream, Duty, Discipline, Dedication and Determination. During the pandemic, most people’s attention was focused on preventing the disease, spread of the virus and saving lives. While it should be the case, deteriorating mental health was the worst side effect of the pandemic, which was quite impactful. Recognising this sensitivity, the concept of 5D was introduced as a remedy, and many people have accepted it as an efficient concept.

The 5D concept has already been accepted by more than 21 countries, including Europe, India, and Dubai. Labelled a harbinger of success and a guide to revitalising their thinking patterns, this pure Sri Lankan concept is getting noticed and queried by many people across the globe, making Sri Lanka immensely proud.

Further commenting on the human model management system, Amarasinghe said, “The biggest problem that many people have is that no matter how hard they work and risk their lives, they can never reach their desired status. It is because they cannot choose the right path. Most of them do not understand their position when they reach their goals. Therefore, many people stop their journey on the way. This is why a human model management system was introduced through the 5D concept.”

In the Human Model Management System, eight key aspects are being discussed. They are: Believing that today is the most precious moment of your life, work-life balance, focusing on positive relationships, being brave, never stopping learning, having fun, practising mindfulness and challenging your vision. These aspects will further help people who are following the 5D Concept to propel their thinking power and talent.

Speaking about the Business Management Model, Amarasinghe opined, “Under this element, we discuss about business model ideas to inspire individuals, teams and organizations. Even if you are looking for detailed information or analysis about a particular business model, you need to learn about business models in your industry or a different one to gain experience for your own business model. We provide an easy approach to thoroughly research traditional and innovative business models and create a management system tailored to your business needs.”

In the Business Management Model, nine key aspects are being discussed. They are: Being organized, keeping detailed records, analyzing your competition, understanding risks and rewards, being creative, staying focused, being prepared to change, providing excellent service and being consistent.

Team 5D is currently conducting workshops for individuals and organisations worldwide to integrate 5D into their lifestyles. They offer guidance and constant evaluation to ensure their patrons are on the right path to success. For more details about the 5D concept, reach Deshan Amarasinghe at [email protected].

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