Demi Lovato Fights Off Ghostface In Stay Alive Music Video For Scream VI

Demi Lovato’s new music video is a real scream.

On Friday, the singer dropped the video for her new song, “Still Alive,” from the soundtrack for “Scream VI,” out March 10.

The video shows Lovato and her friends checking out a private screening of the movie, before they’re attacked by Ghostface. Lovato, we gotta say, puts up a damn good fight!

The Final Girl anthem includes lyrics like, “I’m still alive/ I don’t want to just survive/ Give me something to sink all my teeth in/ Eat the devil and spit out my demons.”

“Still Alive/ Already died a thousand times/ Went to hell but I’m back and I’m breathing/ Make me bleed while my heart is still beating,” she also sings, possibly referring to some of her own real-life battles in the past.

The video also features new footage from the film featuring Jenna Ortega, Courteney Cox, Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding.

“I couldn’t think of a more perfect home for ‘Still Alive’ than within the Scream universe,” Lovato said in a press release. “I’m a huge fan of the films, so it’s an honor to contribute to such an iconic horror franchise.”

Find out how you can get your own call from Ghostface below or by clicking here. “Scream VI” hits theaters March 10.

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