Delhi Education Minister Atishi inspects under construction school in Sangam Vihar

New Delhi: Continuing her series of visits to boost the school infrastructure works across the national capital, Education Minister Ms. Atishi, along with the officials, visited and inspected an under-construction school in Sangam Vihar on Friday.

This magnificent school with 88 classrooms is being constructed by the Kejriwal Government to address the educational needs of thousands of children in the area. During the inspection, the Education Minister directed the officials to follow the checklist strictly and complete the construction work of the school by June, so that classes can begin here in July.

It is to be noted that, this new 4-storey school in Sangam Vihar has been divided into three blocks that have 88 classrooms in total along with facilities of state-of-the-art labs, libraries, staff rooms, Principal office, playground, etc. Along with these facilities, the schools will also have a UG tank, RO room, and a Rainwater Harvesting facility. This school is located in the congested lanes of Sangam Vihar. A unique feature of the school is also that a bridge has been constructed to connect two blocks in the school.

Ms. Atishi said, “Improving school infrastructure is a top priority for the Delhi government under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, with the aim of providing quality education to all children in the city. The efforts of Team Education of Delhi have resulted in parents feeling proud and confident in sending their children to Delhi Government schools.

In order to maintain this confidence, various modern facilities are being added to these schools to ensure a bright future for the children of Delhi.” She added that the construction of this magnificent school in the narrow streets of Sangam Vihar will become the center of world-class education for thousands of children in this area.

The Education Minister emphasised that creating a favourable learning atmosphere is crucial for the overall development of children, and this is a major focus of the government in the development of school infrastructure. Over the past few years, the Delhi government has built several impressive schools throughout the city, with the goal of providing quality and globally competitive education to children from all parts of Delhi.

Additionally, Ms. Atishi instructed the PWD officials to finish the construction of the school and provide all necessary facilities to the Education department by June 1. This will enable classes to commence at the school on July 1.

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