Delhi Chief Minister moves motion of confidence in Assembly, passed by voice vote

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal moved the motion of confidence in the House on Wednesday. This confidence motion was introduced after the opposition BJP withdrew the no-confidence motion so that it could make its point. The motion of confidence presented by the CM was discussed in the House and passed by voice vote.

In the Delhi Assembly on Wednesday, CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the people of Delhi have firm faith in their elected government. The conspiracies of the opposition cannot shake this faith of the people. We are people who believe in democracy. In a democracy, the opposition should get a chance to speak. That’s why I moved a motion of confidence in the House so that the opposition could present its point.

Don’t even try Operation Lotus now

Further, CM said that BJP put its full force by offering ED-CBI and crores, yet could not gather 14 MLAs. There should have been 14 members for the no-confidence motion, but the BJP has only 8 members. The House discussed the motion of confidence for 65 minutes, during which the opposition was given 35 minutes to speak. He said that if there is even a little shame left in the people of BJP, then don’t even try Operation Lotus now. We are the disciples of Bhagat Singh. We do not betray the country.

When BJP felt that we do not have the support of enough MLAs

During the discussion on the motion of confidence in the house, CM Arvind Kejriwal said that at a time when the central government of BJP has left no stone unturned to crush democracy in the country, the incidents that have happened inside this house today are probably for democratic values. Sets a great and good example. The people of the opposition presented a motion of no confidence. When the House started eight days ago, he had announced that he would bring a no-confidence motion. Everyone was wondering how he would bring the no-confidence motion because there should be at least 14 MLAs for this. They have only eight MLAs. A journalist told me that he had spoken to six more people. I said that my MLA is not like this.

BJP tried to topple our government in 2017, 2019 and 2020

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that it is not a good thing to criticize only from the point of view of criticism. At least talk about the public. He tried in 2017 as well. They said that they will topple our government. Till then we used to think that he is to Chanakya but came to know that he is hollow. They don’t have anything. They show off and make a lot of noise. In 2017, they wanted to disqualify 21 MLAs, break some and then form the government. While 67 out of 70 MLAs were with us and three were with them. If we have even 4 MLAs then we have a majority. It was beyond my understanding how they would topple the government.

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