Dalia Ladoo: Make delicious oatmeal laddus in minutes, recipe here

Dalia Ladoo: On hearing the name of porridge, people crinkle their noses. Everyone thinks that oatmeal is only for sick people to eat. In such a situation, we are going to tell you such a recipe about which you will be surprised to hear. The name of this thing is Oatmeal Laddoos. They are very tasty to eat and also full of many types of nutrients which keep health healthy.

Many types of nutrients like phosphorus, thiamin, folate, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, fiber and protein are found in oatmeal. Which are very important for our body. Although porridge is made in many ways, such as sweet porridge, salty porridge, porridge mixed with vegetables, etc. If you are bored of eating all these types of oatmeal dishes, then this time try Tasty Dalia Ladoo. These are very easy to make, so let’s know how to make Oatmeal Ladoo.

Dalia Ladoo: Ingredients

Oatmeal – 2 cups
Milk – 3 cups
Ghee – 4 tbsp
Almonds – 6 (finely chopped)
Cashew – 7 (finely chopped)
Sugar – 1 cup


To make Oatmeal Ladoo, first clean the Oatmeal properly.
After this, put ghee in the pan and heat it, and put porridge in it.
Now fry it well, and when the fragrance starts coming and it turns brown, then add milk to it.
Now mix it well and cook covered for 15 minutes.
When it starts drying then add sugar to it, if you want you can add jaggery to it.
Now mix this mixture well, and also add chopped dry fruits to it.
Now mix all these well, so that everything gets mixed together.
Now leave this mixture to cool down.
When it cools down, make laddus out of it.
You can also store these laddoos.
Now you eat them daily and also feed them to the members of the house.

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