Conrad Sangma takes oath as Meghalaya CM for second time

Meghalaya CM: Conrad Sangma on Tuesday took oath as the Meghalaya chief minister beginning his second term with a ceremony at which 12 other members of his new cabinet were also sworn in. (Meghalaya CM)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah were present on the stage on this occasion. Conrad Sangma became the CM for the first time in 2018. Governor Fagu Chauhan also administered the oath to 12 ministers along with Sangma.

Sniawbhalang Dhar and Preston Tensong became deputy CMs in the coalition government of Meghalaya led by the NPP. Shaikliyar Vajri, Abu Tahar Mandal, Kirmen Shila, Markus N Marak and Rakkam A Sangma also took oath as ministers. Apart from these, Alexander Lalu Hek, Dr. Mprin Lyngdoh, Paul Lyngdoh and Komingon Yambon also took oath as ministers.

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NPP, UDP, BJP and HSPDP coalition government has been formed in Meghalaya. Prior to this, the NPP-led coalition with the support of 45 MLAs, including two BJP MLAs, staked claim to form the government. NPP chief Conrad K Sangma’s party won 26 seats in the elections held on February 27.

A history has been written in Nagaland. The state has elected its first female legislators in 60 years – Hekhani Jakhlu and Salhoutuonuo Kruse. So far there have been 13 assemblies in the state. Never before had there been a woman legislator.

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