Cam Gigandet Reflects on Twilight and 'Difficult Time' Filming Burlesque (Exclusive)

Cam Gigandet is looking back on a few of his most iconic roles after films like “Twilight” and “Burlesque” have re-entered the chat in a big way.

In an interview with TooFab, the 40-year-old “Twilight” alum opened up about the franchise’s recent resurgence on social media apps like TikTok and Twitter, and why he believes many might need to revisit the vampire-werewolf romance now more than ever.

“The whole idea was ‘in’ at a time where there was less s— in the world,” Gigandet — who played villain James in the first flick — explained. “Vampires were our biggest problems as opposed to all of the s— that we’ve created. It was a simpler time, so it makes sense that people would want to [experience] the nostalgia of ‘Twilight’ and why they would want to go back to that.”

When asked about the impact the film has had on his career, the “Violent Night” star laughed and replied, “I mean, my daughter is called ‘Twilight’ girl at school.”

His other previous film having a bit of a moment is “Burlesque,” which entered the Top 10 on Netflix this week after being added to the streamer. Even star Christina Aguilera realized the movie was sparking conversation again on Twitter, tweeting, “Oh OK!! I see all of you streaming Burlesque on @netflix 👀”

While fans may be checking it out again as they Netflix and chill, Gigandet said he hasn’t watched the movie since its premiere at the Chinese Theater back in 2010. “It’s tough, because every time I’m like, ‘Oh, my kids would like this movie,’ they get a little weird,” he said.

The movie, in which he played the love interest for Aguilera’s Ali, was a bit of a different role for Gigandet, who has typically been cast in a lot of thrillers and action films.

“I love the opportunity to do something not like that” he confessed. “It’s probably closer to my disposition than I would even maybe acknowledge or admit. [It’s] probably more aligned with who I am.”

Though “Burlesque” was an “opportunity to do something different,” Gigandet described his time on-set of the 2010 film as “good” but “difficult.”

“Obviously working with Christina — she was amazing, but just the publicity of having Christina Aguilera in something was a little distracting,” he explained, “and I feel like it took the focus of having a ‘Christina Aguilera’ thing, her music has to be spot on, her dancing has to be spot on.”

If Gigandet could go back and do things again, he said he would fight for more of that romance to come through.

“I had a good time with it, but in hindsight I, of course, I wish we would have done things differently. I wish we would have spoke up for our story line a little more but it is what it is,” he shrugged. “You live and learn.”

Gigandet’s latest, “Righteous Thieves,” is in select theaters and on demand now.

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