Burglar arrested within six hours in Jaffna

Jaffna Police have arrested a suspect within six hours of receiving a complaint that a burglar had broken into a house where a doctor resides on KKS Road Jaffna and stolen money and gold worth Rs.1.4 million.

The theft had taken place between 7 am and 7 pm on March 28 when the doctor was not at home. A 20-year-old resident of Kayts has been arrested in connection with this theft following investigations carried out after the doctor complained to the police on Wednesday (29).

The suspect had said that the front door of the house had been open when he entered the house. When the police asked the doctor about it, he had said that the door had been left open because his mother-in-law had forgotten to close it. Police said that the thief had entered through the open door and had stolen Rs.1.1 million in cash which had been in a cupboard in the shrine room and gold jewellery worth Rs. 300,000.

According to the police, after questioning the arrested suspect, they were able to find Rs.830,000 of the cash that was stolen together with all the gold items that had been robbed.

The suspect will be produced before the Jaffna Magistrate’s Court.




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