Blac Chyna Sounds Off on Kylie Jenner and Tyga, Coparenting with Rob Kardashian and Her Kids

It seems Blac Chyna really is putting all that negative energy behind her as she continues along her “life changing journey” — especially when it comes to her sometimes messy love life.

The reality star — who now goes by Angela White — has been drastically changing her ways in 2023 after finding religion. As part of that journey, she’s dissolved her face fillers, underwent breast and butt reductions, quit OnlyFans and even removed some of her tattoos.

Speaking with, White also shared her positive outlook on her exes Tyga and Rob Kardashian, as well as Rob’s famous family. During the interview, she was asked about Tyga dating Kylie Jenner after their split; the pair didn’t go public with their relationship until she turned 18.

“No, it didn’t bother me. But that’s always been my personality … I just see stuff for what it is. You can’t make somebody want to be with you,” she told the outlet. “Then on top of that, I’ve always been a really driven person. I just looked at it like, ‘Okay, now it’s time for you to really get out there and succeed for you and your son. Do not worry about anything that that comes in a way.’  To keep focused that way.”

After Tyga and Kylie started dating, White and Jenner’s brother Rob began dating. They went on to welcome daughter Dream, while she also shares son King Cairo with Tyga, real name Micheal Stevenson.

“With Robert and Michael, it’s never been like no bad blood or anything negative. It was just two different people in two different paths,” she said. “And one day, those paths collided and that’s how we got the babies. But moving forward in 2023, it’s all positive vibes with co-parenting. Everything’s calm, there’ll be no more situations.”

White went on to talk about why she doesn’t post too many photos or videos of kids Dream and King to social media, telling the outlet she wants “to keep their privacy as their privacy.” She added, “For me to just throw my kids out there and be posting them on social media is something that I’m just not into. So that’s why y’all don’t see a lot of my kids.”

Dream, however, is often in photos shared by Khloe Kardashian as the child and her own daughter True appear to be the best of friends. White said she doesn’t mind if others, like Rob’s family, post about her kid.

“I’m not really bothered when other people post them. I feel like as long as Dream and King are loved and it comes from a great place then I’m all for it,” she said. “As long as they are happy, that’s all I really care about.”

She also said she plans to start posting with them more “because I’m starting to be a bit more comfortable with the internet.” In fact, she shared a video with both kids in it just this weekend, showing them help her get her car ready before she went to Las Vegas to have her Baphomet tattoo removed.

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