Bella Hadid Parties in Vegas to Mark 5 Months of Sobriety

Bella Hadid is marking a special milestone with a trip to Las Vegas!

The 26-year-old supermodel celebrated five months of sobriety on Sunday at Caesar’s Palace with a video of herself dancing with friends posted to her Instagram Story.

She shared the same clip to TikTok with the caption, “5 months no alcohol today.”

Hadid was fashioned with a curly hairdo, a low-cut black halter top and matching black Adidas track pants. Her trip in part was to celebrate the grand opening of the hotel’s new Stanton Social Prime restaurant and the inclusion of her non-alcoholic Kin Euphorics social drinks to the menus of various operations within the casino.

In a separate post to Instagram, Bella gushed about the addition of an alcohol-free beverage for sober people who wish to be included in a typically alcohol-only environment.

“We never wanted to ostracize anyone from access to brain care and an opportunity to discover Wellness in a new way,” she wrote in her caption. ‘We want music listeners, DJs, dancers, clubbers, ravers, musicians, eaters, drinkers, sober ragers to use kin as part of their lifestyle.”

Hadid continued: “We really want the world of Vegas to try us and let us know how you feel! We want Kin to be used at all times of the day, with or without alcohol, whenever/whatever you need to stay healthy, uplifted, energetic and able to party on.”

In September 2022, the model revealed she launched Kin Euphorics after giving up alcohol and finding that the alcohol-free, botanical-infused sparkling beverage helped her with social anxiety, brain fog and burnout.

She told InStyle of her complicated relationship with alcohol and opened up about how drinking would affect her anxiety.

“I don’t feel the need [to drink alcohol] because I know how it will affect me at 3 in the morning when I wake up with horrible anxiety thinking about that one thing I said five years ago when I graduated high school,” Bella confessed. “There’s just this never-ending effect of, essentially, you know, pain and stress over those few drinks that didn’t really do much, you know?”

She continued, “I have done my fair share of drinking. I loved alcohol, and it got to the point where even I started to, you know, cancel nights out that I felt like I wouldn’t be able to control myself.”

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