‘Befriended by concealing identity, made me pregnant, cheated…’: MP girl’s heartbreaking ordeal

Love Jihad Case: A stunning case of befriending a girl, making relations with her and defrauding her of Rs 55 lakh by concealing religious background has come to light in Madhya Pradesh. Here, a victim claimed that a man, who had introduced himself as ‘Kabir’, had multiple sexual encounters with her. He even made her pregnant twice. In this case, the police have filed charges against the accused.

A girl from Tikamgarh had gone to study in Indore’s Tilak Nagar area. During this time, she met a young man ‘Kabir’ on social media. The man took the victim to Ujjain with him. He told the girl to marry him by wearing a ring and a necklace.

Had sexual intercourse while on drugs

Following this, he allegedly made a physical relationship by putting intoxicants in a cold drink. Not only that, but he also attempted to convert the victim to Islam by taking her to Ajmer. Meanwhile, the girl discovered that the man she mistook for ‘Kabir’ was actually ‘Shadab’.

‘Gained sympathy by posing as cancer patient’

“The man gained my sympathy by calling himself a cancer patient,” the victim stated. “I stopped talking with him after discovering his truth. He had previously taken several inappropriate images and videos. He started threatening to make them viral if I didn’t convert and marry him. In addition, he took Rs 55 lakh from me.”

Shadab broke victim’s marriage

Meanwhile, her marriage was finalised by her family. When Shadab alias Kabir learned of this, he made sure to end her marriage. After being repeatedly blackmailed by Shadab, the girl went to the police revealed her ordeal.

Tilak Nagar police station in-charge Manju Yadav stated that they have begun searching for the perpetrator based on the victim’s accusation. He’ll be arrested soon.

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