Ariana Madix Snaps at James Kennedy for 'Berating' Her on Scheana's Wedding Weekend

This week on “Vanderpump Rules,” the cast made their trip to Mexico for Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding — but the trip was not without its drama before the big day.

Going into the getaway, there was already tension between Sheana and Katie Maloney, who felt Shay disrespected her by jokingly suggesting her ex Tom Schwartz hook up with Raquel Leviss. Though Katie decided she wouldn’t attend the wedding, she didn’t want to give up the suite she already paid for, and showed up for a girls weekend with Kristina Kelly instead.

When everyone arrived at the resort, Katie was disappointed to find out her room was on the other side of the property — something Shay admitted in a confessional was her doing.

Viewers then saw as everyone checked into their rooms, as Ariana Madix exclaimed she was excited to have “nothing else to get in the way of my quality time” with Tom Sandoval. “He is my prisoner,” she added, as cameras caught him throwing her to the bed for a makeout session.

Schwartz and Raquel Leviss, meanwhile, were spotted setting up galaxy projectors in their respective rooms, after bonding about their shared love of star-inspired lighting at a tea party Lisa Vanderpump threw earlier in the episode. Before they arrived in Mexico, the two were seen getting a little flirty at LVP’s, which left Leviss wondering whether they’ll “be even tighter in the future.”

Of course, we all know she’ll kiss him soon on the show … and start hooking up with the other Tom, as in Sandoval, behind the scenes.

After everyone got settled in, the cast reconvened for a welcome night dinner. Scheana was (understandably) miffed when Kristina Kelly — who made disparaging remarks about her first wedding — showed up to the gathering uninvited. But Shay didn’t have much time to be angry, as another fight soon broke out at the table.

As Tom and Ariana took their seats, James Kennedy turned to Madix and remarked, “Well, I already nearly got into a fight with someone.” Madix responded by saying “the whole thing was s—-y,” as James said “it wasn’t s—-y” on his part. As it started to become clear that James had been involved in some sort of altercation earlier, he added, “I think you could tell I had no idea who this human was.”

Through confessionals, viewers got a much better understanding of what happened on the way to the resort.

Apparently, off camera, one of Brock’s “intoxicated” buddies had approached James, exclaiming that they knew each other before giving him “an annoying drunk hug.” Kennedy, having no idea who this person was in his space, allegedly “body checked him, hard,” according to Lala. James admitted as much, adding, “I should have f—ing Will Smith backhanded him, bitch ass.” He also claimed Ariana exclaimed, “James, that’s one of Scheana’s wedding guests!” during the scuffle.

Madix felt Kennedy “berated” her with his comments as they sat down, while she believed she was just trying to play peacemaker in the situation. As he kept pushing back, she added, “I wish you could hear your tone of voice when you speak to me, because you’ve been very f—ing rude to me.”

Kennedy’s girlfriend Ally Lewber even agreed, telling him to “chill,” while Sandoval just sat silently as his girlfriend and James continued to fight. Raquel, meanwhile, was thrilled she wasn’t in Ally’s position anymore and no longer had to feel responsible for or embarrassed by Kennedy’s behavior.

James tried to defend himself by saying he was actually showing some restraint by not punching the guy, before telling Ariana he wished she was “more on my side” in this situation. “I’m on the side of not wanting to be in a f—ing fight, period,” Madix said, as James said the other man hit him first. With that, she snapped, and exclaimed, “I don’t like him doing it and I don’t like you doing it, okay?! Period!”

As he criticized her for raising her voice, she shouted, “I will raise my voice because when I talk at a normal volume, you don’t f—ing listen to me and I’ve had enough. We’re done!”

Ally, meanwhile, said James’ behavior started to make her “question everything,” including why she was even dating him. The episode ended with Lewber walking out of the restaurant.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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