Ali Fedotowsky Claims Jake Gyllenhaal Left Her 'Crying' on Red Carpet

Ali Fedotowsky is still reeling from her first red carpet interaction with Jake Gyllenhaal.

During an appearance on the “Women on Top” podcast, the “Bachelorette” alum opened up about her apparently not-so-pleasant experience with the “Brokeback Mountain” star while she was working as a red carpet correspondent for E! News.

“Sorry, Jake Gyllenhaal, I’m going to Taylor Swift you right now,” the 38-year-old began with a reference to the singer’s previous songs about the actor.

“Jake Gyllenhaal shows up for the red carpet — my first red carpet for E! News — I’m like ‘I’m gonna kill it. I’m gonna be so good,'” Fedotowsky recalled. “I practiced. I rehearsed my questions. I was so ready to go.”

She continued, “He walks up, I’m shaking in my heels — which, I’m horrible in heels — and I say to him, ‘Hi, Jake who’d you bring tonight?’ Like, for a date, like, who’s your date tonight?” she claimed. “He goes, ‘bye bye,’ and walked away from me.”

The reality star revealed she burst into tears and “started crying” believing she was going to lose her job after she failed to get any answers from the “Spiderman: Far From Home” actor.

It wasn’t until Fedotowsky allegedly witnessed Gyllenhaal give the same cold shoulder to other reporters on the carpet she realized it may be the actor’s norm.

“There’s an interviewer next to me and her question to him was ‘So, if you don’t get an Oscar for this film, those tattoos totally should,’ because he was all tatted up for his film, and he goes ‘bye’ and walked away because he is a serious actor,” she said.

The “Bachelor” alum confessed her position as a red carpet correspondent was the “least favorite job [she] ever had.”

Ali explained, “It was just not for me. … It really ate away at my self-confidence.”

Now that she has experience on both sides of the carpet, the mom of two revealed she no longer has any patience for celebrities who are rude to reporters.

“I’ve walked so many red carpets because of The Bachelorette and done countless interviews and I know how easy it is to be nice,” Fedotowsky said.

Though her interaction with Gyllenhaal was less than ideal, the television personality named a few celebrities who treated her with kindness during her time as a reporter.

“Tom Hanks [is the] nicest guy ever,”[I] want him to be my second dad,” Ali said, adding that Kris Jenner “is the kindest, nicest human being.”

“All the Kardashians, Kim [Kardashian], they’re so kind. Reality stars in general are so nice,” she continued.

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