Akanksha Dubey suicide case: Police hunting man who spent 17 mins with her before demise

Akanksha Dubey Suicide Case: Akanksha Dubey, a bhojpuri actress, committed suicide on March 26. The 25-year-old actress was discovered dead in her Varanasi hotel room. She was there to participate in the Laik Hoon Main Nalaik Nahin filming. In her hotel room, no suicide note was discovered.

The case is currently being looked into by the Uttar Pradesh Police. In a recent discovery, it was discovered that on that tragic night, a man arrived to drop Akanksha Dubey to her hotel room. Even more, he was there almost 17 minutes in her room. The police are currently searching for him.

Police in search of man who spent 17 mins with Akanksha Dubey before her death

The hotel workers discovered the Bhojpuri actress hanging from a ceiling fan in her room. Following the same, the actress’ suicide was reported to the local police. The scene of the incident yielded no suicide note. Nevertheless, it has now been revealed that Akanksha was delivered by a man to her hotel room the night before she passed away. In addition, he remained in the space for almost 17 minutes.

Madhu Dubey, the mother of Akanksha Dubey, has accused two persons of being to blame for her daughter’s passing. The mother of the actress has charged Samar Singh and Sanjay Singh with killing Akanksha. On March 21, the late actress received a phone call from the actress warning her that her brother Samar Singh had threatened to kill her.

The police are conducting raids at several locations by assembling teams, but Samar Singh and Sanjay Singh, the two suspects, are out of their reach. The third individual visited Akanksha’s hotel room the night of the event and stayed there for around 17 minutes, but the police is refusing to comment on this.

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